On Wednesday residents and veterans packed the Guerra Center for a regular meeting scheduled for the Edgewood ISD Board of Trustees to speak out about the name change of the district's stadium.

The Edgewood School Board voted to change the name of their stadium from the Frank Mata Memorial Stadium to the Edgewood Veterans Stadium earlier this year.

The name of the stadium was not on Wednesday's agenda, but there were still a lot of people on both of sides of the issue waiting to speak out during the public comment portion of the meeting.

School officials said they have been working on the name change for more than a year and they voted to rename the stadium to honor veterans, especially those in the district.

The Edgewood School District Frank Mata Memorial Stadium was named after the district's former athletic director, Frank Mata, died suddenly.

Frank Mata's widow, Irene Mata, said nobody said anything to her before the vote was taken.

She is hoping the district will be open to some type of compromise.

"I want to continue talking to them about the compromise," said Irene Mata. "The compromise being that, do not take Frank Mata's name off of the stadium. It's the wrong thing to do."

Also speaking out on Wednesday were a number of veterans who think the new name, Edgewood Veterans Stadium is appropriate.

"Nothing was done behind closed doors," said  Victor Mena, president of the  Edgewood District Veterans. "Everything was public."