San Antonio's proposed anti-discrimination policy has caused a stir in recent weeks, especially after Councilwoman Elisa Chan's exposed stance on the subject.

The proposal would bring city laws in line with already accepted standards and prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

Chan is right - everybody is entitled to their beliefs, and of course the First Amendment protects everybody's freedom of speech - no matter how biased they may be.

But, that's absolutely not the issue here. Just because you believe something is wrong doesn't give you a legal right to discriminate.

It's both surprising and disappointing to see an elected city representative take such a defiant stance against equality.

Discrimination is never correct in any sense - political or otherwise.

The people of District 9 have the power to remove this kind of representation from office when elections come around next. The importance of voting is magnified, as fewer than 10 percent of the city voted in the election which re-elected Ms. Chan in May. We as a city can do better.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.