Editorial: Eagle Ford Shale needs to maintain roads

Published On: May 16 2013 03:31:12 PM CDT

The Eagle Ford Shale is booming, but the road to riches is literally crumbling from overuse.
Getting just one well online means more than 1,000 loaded trucks have to travel to and from the site, which is the same as 8 million cars.
That's a lot of wear and tear, and those roads just weren't built to sustain it. Now they're deteriorating and dangerous.
Commercial vehicle crashes in that area were up 470 percent in just two years.
The senate just passed a resolution to designate transportation reinvestment zones for areas hit hardest in the boom.
Just how they'll make that happen is still a little fuzzy, but it involves taking billions from the Rainy Day Fund.
It's only fair that since Eagle Ford Shale produced billions for the state, they should get more money back to maintain the infrastructure that produced it in the first place.
Lawmakers need to ensure that Eagle Ford can keep roads passable and profitable.
I'm Phil Lane, let us know what you think.