The following is a rebuttal from San Antonio resident Tom Miller regarding an editorial made by KSAT 12 Vice President and General Manager Phil Lane about the controversy involving Councilwoman Elisa Chan:

"The editorial comments made on August 22 concerning Councilwoman Chan's private comments regarding San Antonio's proposed non-discrimination policy have been misplaced.
Though her views of homosexuality may not have been known to her constituents, they should not be the focus of the story.
By overlooking the underhanded manner in which her views were obtained, the public spends its efforts discussing the remarks of someone who may not represent their district.
By ignoring the central issue of people secretly taping conversations, the editor has unwittingly contributed to the increasing erosion of free expression.
When private conversations are made public, trust is eroded, free speech is injured.
The behavior of those who secretly tape conversation goes unexamined and the cycle continues.
Please, leave Ms. Chan to the voters of District 9 and focus on the larger issue at hand."