When the San Antonio Independent School District won its $515 million bond, we said money alone wouldn't fix their problems.
Then, when Superintendent Robert Duron resigned, we said they had to find responsible, experienced candidates with the right priorities.
But sadly, after more than a year, the best they came up with was someone who racked up more than $12,000 in unauthorized credit card charges at his last district, owed $150,000 in back taxes and had so many unpaid traffic tickets that he lost his license after failing to appear in court.
Is this really the very best they could find?
The trustees insist all would be better if we only got to know the guy, but we're not buying that.
He may have had energy and vision, but we think it's far more important to follow the law, take responsibility and be a good example for the people whose millions of tax dollars deserve better leadership than this.
Next time, the trustees need to better evaluate the potential for good leadership for our kids.
I'm Phil Lane, Let us know what you think.