VIA's been talking about streetcars for a while, and we support a project that can help revitalize downtown.

But, it turns out VIA's Board Chairman Henry Munoz bought property along two of the proposed routes and kept it quiet. That's a clear conflict of interest and a troubling disclosure at this late stage.

The approval process was well underway when these new options were brought to the table, which just happened to be soon after Munoz bought the property.

That's more than bad judgment - Munoz is experienced enough to know better.

Now, he says he won't vote on any other streetcar issues, but that's too little and too late.

We'd hate to see the whole streetcar project get derailed because of questionable ethics like this.

Henry Munoz should step down and resign his position with VIA altogether.

It's the best way to restore confidence and let more objective parties decide what happens next.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.