An educator and career finder have teamed up to make it easier for job-seekers to find their future.

Workforce Solutions Alamo and Alamo Colleges have virtually combined forces to develop a new website,

“You are going into an office-type building (with) all sorts of assets around the wall and on the iPads at the desks, there are some virtual people so you don't feel like you are alone,” said Alamo Colleges Chancellor Dr. Bruce Leslie.

The site is based on a 3D-gaming platform.

Users will find different rooms with loads of information on specific jobs and the education needed to fill those positions.

“The importance of identifying the level of education that’s necessary for the type of jobs that our job-seekers are looking for is really critical,” said Workforce Solutions Alamo Executive Director Patrick Newman.

Users can also check on jobs available in their desired career, how far they are from their home and potential salary.

“It will tell you how many jobs are available and what the salary is and even show you a career-growth pattern,” Leslie said.

Veterans will be able to find information on education and jobs that will help them transition back to the civilian world.

There will also be virtual job fairs on the site.

"They will be able to submit their applications right online and have it go directly to that employer, " Newman said.

An app for iPhones is currently available and should soon be available for Androids.

“This is about helping everybody having access to jobs, job-training, careers and college education,” Leslie said.

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