An elderly east side woman is dead, shot while she sat in her wheelchair, and police are now searching for her killer.

Officers found the body of 90-year-old Ruth Bateman Clay Thursday in the bedroom of her home in the 300 block of Como Avenue.

Friends called officers after trying several times to call her since they last saw her Dec. 23.

Police say they went to the home and tried to contact Clay, but she did not respond. After calling her son they entered the home and found Clay dead.

Police say they found a bullet next to her body.

Investigators say it appears that bullet was fired through a wall and struck Clay in the head.

They say it appears she died sometime before Christmas Day.

Police are now searching for the person who fired the fatal shot.

Officers are asking for the public’s help in locating witnesses or suspects.

They're asking anyone with information on any shootings or disturbances involving a firearm in the 400 block of Spriggsdale just prior to Christmas Eve to contact them at 224-STOP.