HELOTES, Texas -

A fifth-grade teacher at an elementary school in Helotes resigned this week after she was accused of drinking alcohol in a classroom.

One to four students reported to the principal of Kuentz Elementary School that Cynthia Flores-Rodgriuez, 39, allegedly was drinking beer in a classroom and smelled of alcohol. The principal then reported the incident to human resources.

The incident allegedly happened Feb. 4. Officials said Flores-Rodgriuez went to HR on Feb. 6 and she was told about the allegations. They questioned her and told her she was placed on administrative leave, which authorities said is protocol during an investigation.

It was an inconclusive investigation since officials said Flores-Rodgriuez resigned Feb. 14. The school then had an obligation to report the investigation to the state Board for Educator Certification, which licenses teachers. Parents were also notified of the alleged incident.

A replacement full-time teacher will begin Monday and will teach the students until the end of the year.

Flores-Rodgriuez was hired in August 2008.