The mother of burn victim Megan Baldonado took the stand Wednesday and described seeing her daughter for the first time after she suffered second-degree burns to nearly 65 percent of her body.

“I had no words. I’ve never seen something so horrific in my life -- and it was my daughter,” said Melissa White.

Lee Griego has told jurors he is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon after a flash fire started in the attached garage of his ex-fiancé’s apartment in August 2011.

During her emotional testimony, Melissa White spoke about trying to move her daughter out of San Antonio and away from Griego after the pair’s wedding plans fell through and their relationship hit a rocky patch.

“I was trying to locate a moving company to pick up here stuff up and to take it wherever she wanted to be,” White said.

Before White took the stand, defense attorneys grilled an arson investigator for nearly a half-hour.

After numerous objections from prosecutors, the defense got the investigator to admit that it was possible that Griego unintentionally started the fire.

Griego’s attorneys hope the sentencing-trial ends with probation for their client instead of a jail sentence.

The trial is scheduled to resume Friday, and Megan Baldonado is expected to testify.

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