Experts focus on future of broadband internet in San Antonio

City discussing expanding fiber lines

Author: Stephanie Serna, Reporter,
Published On: Jan 29 2014 10:45:05 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 30 2014 02:54:59 AM CST
broadband future

Some city leaders concerned that San Antonio Broadband Internet Access doesn't compare to other high-tech cities opened up a panel discussion on Wednesday about the state of broadband in the city and how to get it up to date.

Matthew Manning, who hosted the panel, said he is very interested about the future of technology especially here in San Antonio.

"It's going to be why we are so low in the world standard for how much we pay and how much we get and what we are doing about it," said Manning.

Panelists included: Former Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna, creator of the San Antonio Area Broadband Network (SAABN), District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg, advocate of SAABN and Wayne Wedemeyer, director of the UT System Office of Telecommunication Services.

The City of San Antonio currently uses fiber lines already set up by CPS, but Ozuna is now talking about expanding that to other government entities like schools, universities, hospitals and public housing.

"Our immediate hope is that we'll be able to bring in public entity partners and connect up and would be able to have capacity access," said Ozuna. "Our long-term hope is that our city engages in the real conversation about the nature of connectivity."

Garrett Heaton, who moved to San Antonio from Syracuse, N.Y., said he was even hoping to take it a step further by increasing the competition for broadband in his own apartment building.

"I really would like to know more about how I can actually make that a reality so, that I can move past being able to select one to two very high-cost providers and hopefully, get lower prices and better service for the same amount of money."

Ozuna said to get this type of infrastructure set up and running could take up to two years.

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