According to a study released by e-marketer, over 100 million Facebook members are dogs. This statistic continues to grow throughout social media. 

One example is Lucy. She’s a 16-year-old Australian Shepherd mix that is not only the face of Lucy's Doggy Daycare and Spa, but a dog who spends much of her day on Facebook getting to know her customers and friends.

Tori Johnson helps manage Lucy's Facebook page which she started back in 2009. Lucy now has more than 2,000 friends.

“These are just some of the dogs that Lucy interacts with on Facebook. She lets them know what's on her mind each and every day,” said Johnson.

Mia may be less than 5 pounds, but the 2-year-old Yorkie oozes fashion. She showcases different dresses from doggy designers and also stays close to the Yorkie community.

“We get a lot of advice from vets breeders, and you just ask the question and right away someone will give me an answer," said Ameli Gauss, Mia’s Mom.

Dog Facebooks seem to be as diverse as humans. Neo is a therapy dog that uses Facebook to show who he's helped, and also spread the word about his charity called Wags Across Texas. 

“He's just so sweet and so good with people and children and with other animals. I just want to share my love with him, with everyone else," said Jennifer Misek, Neo’s Mom.

And through Facebook these dogs not only have a voice, but have one more venue people can be touched by their unique dog personalities.

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