A fireplace fire got out of control, possibly burning through a metal containment unit, in a Fair Oaks Ranch home.

The homeowner started a fire in an upstairs fireplace at a home in the 29000 block of Midnight Sun Friday evening and later called 911 to report a crackling noise in the fireplace. Fair Oaks Ranch police were the first to arrive at the scene and saw flames around the chimney. Leon Springs firefighters followed, and arrived to find flames on the back of the house and spread to the attic.

"We got it contained to the attic and there are a couple of different floors on it where we had a little problem getting into it but we did make a good stop on it and contained it to the attic area," said Chief Bob Hardenstine.

An explosion appeared to have occured along the chimney wall, but officials said it wasn't an explosion but the wall around the chimney that collapsed under the stress.

"It was just the wall around the fireplace that came down from the heat when it caught on fire," said Hardenstine.

The four residents inside at the time of the fire all got out safely.

Early estimates listed the damage at close to $40,000.