Hundreds of Air Force Airmen lined the roadway along the Kelly Field Flightline for the motorcade carrying the body of U.S. Air Force Captain Mark Tyler Voss.

Voss and two other Airmen were killed in Kyrgyzstan on May 3, when their KC-130 Stratotanker crashed on take-off.

Intermixed with the Airmen were dozens and dozens of civilians wanting to pay their respects to Voss.

"You know its the least we can do for this family that's going through a tough time right now, " said Edward Perrill, who took time from his busy work day to stand in line along the route.

"I am a Vietnam Veteran myself, and I am one of the lucky ones to be home," said Ruben Gutierrez, of San Antonio.

Many paying their respects to Voss also came out as a show of support for the men and women in uniform lining today's route.

"To honor what he did ... and for all of these guys who are standing in line," said Cynthia Miller, who took time from work to stand along the route.

"So that the families and all of the military members know that we support them. That's the most important thing. They need to know," said retired Master Sgt. Nancy Dickenson, a Desert Storm veteran.

Voss was a 2004 graduate of Boerne High School, a 2008 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, and completed his flight training at Laughlin Air Force base in Del Rio.

He was 27 years old.

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