A family says they were forced to move from their Northwest Side apartment because of a rodent problem.

P.J. Casas is a tenant of the Park At Colonnade apartments in the 3800 block of Parkdale. He described their apartment conditions to KSAT.

“My daughter is 2-years-old and she just takes off running when she sees them. It's just dirty and gross unsanitary," Casas said.

Casas said it's been getting worse over the past two and a half months and putting the health of their two young daughters at risk. They also claim the property management hasn't been much help.

He’s packing up and moving out of their apartment. He caught one rodent on camera scurrying in their kitchen one night. 

"I pay all this money for rent for something for me and my family to stay in and they just don't keep it clean," said Casas.

He says the apartment manager has done little to nothing to help with the situation. After KSAT called the apartment manager Thursday afternoon, a maintenance worker arrived at Casas' apartment and began to cover up holes in the kitchen so the rats couldn't come in.

Before that, Casas’ said workers set up traps that caught only a few rats. "They come and set up traps, glue traps they stick to them, but they take off running again," said Casas. 

He said what maintenance workers are doing now is a little too late. His family is still moving out.

He and his daughter suffer from asthma and eczema, so staying in a rat infested environment is detrimental to their health. He worries for the other tenants who are left to deal with the rats.

"I'm not ashamed cause I don't want to live with rats ...that's a real big concern,” said Casas.

Images: Rats force family out of home

Published On: Sep 06 2013 04:14:24 AM CDT

A family says they were forced out of their apartment because of rats. WARNING: Some of these images may be disturbing.

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