Two West Side children and their parents had a close call when an out-of-control pickup truck came plowing toward their doorstep.

San Antonio police officers at the scene said the pickup truck was seen speeding north on S. Zarzamora just before it collided with an SUV that was crossing the road at Saunders Avenue.

The pickup then jumped the curb and slammed into a wooden column in front of the house.

The driver of the SUV suffered minor injuries, police said, while the pickup driver was not hurt.

"I just came out and I saw that and the first thing that came to my mind (was), 'Were the kids inside the house?'” said Ann Vasquez, a neighbor.

Two children, including a teenage girl, and their mother were inside the home and escaped injury, but relatives said they were shaken.

The teenager was standing on the other side of a wall directly behind the column, and narrowly missed being hit, they said.

“She was standing right where there,” said Patricia Espinoza, pointing to a living room wall. "Thank God that (the truck) went this way and it didn't touch the outside where the window was.”

The family said this is not the first time the house has been hit by an out-of-control vehicle.

"This is the second time that this has happened within a year and a half,” Espinoza said. “The other car hit this way. Now it hit that way."

After the crash, workers with the city of San Antonio’s Code Enforcement Department examined the building to make sure the splintered column would not cause a collapse.

Making repairs could be another problem. Police cited the pickup driver for not having insurance.

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