It's been one year since 21-year-old Luis Gonzales, Jr. was gunned down on the West side by a friend.

Even though the suspected killer has a murder warrant out for his arrest, he remains free.

"I don't think he's resting," said Jennifer Alvarez, one of Gonzales' aunts. "I just think he's waiting for that, because there are signs that he's around in this house."

Jennifer Alvarez recalled the last time family members saw Gonzales alive. He left a family barbecue to visit his friend Eduardo Lalo Sanchez.

"He said, 'I'll be right back mom,' and gave her kiss and just never came home," Alvarez said.

Gonzales and Sanchez reportedly got into an argument that turned into a fist fight. As the brawl came to an end and Gonzales got into his car to leave, it's alleged that Sanchez pulled a gun and fired a shot at Gonzales, hitting him in the arm.

A cousin who was in the car with Gonzales got behind the wheel and drove him to a nearby home. Family members rushed to the scene.

"He was laying on the floor saying, 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe,'" Alvarez said. "They rushed him to the hospital and 45 minutes later he was dead."

Just one month earlier, Gonzales had become a dad for the first time. He was able to celebrate his first Father's Day with his son, as well as his last birthday before he was killed.

"He couldn't believe it, and he would have been such a good dad," Alvarez said. "He was so humble and so loving and it was just too soon. Why him?"

In the hours after the shooting San Antonio Police issued a murder warrant for Sanchez who was already wanted on a deadly conduct warrant for a previous drive-by-shooting.

Sanchez is still on the run. He has family in San Antonio and Mexico and could be anywhere by now.

The family hasn't given up hope that justice will be served in this case. Many of them drive around with a picture of Luis on their cars, right next to a wanted poster for Sanchez, but they know the only way they'll get justice is if someone finally turns Sanchez in.

"If anybody is holding him or hiding him, please just call the cops," Alvarez said. "Please just give my nephew justice and peace for my sister and my family's hearts."

Crime Stoppers will pay a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of Eduardo Lalo Sanchez. To leave a tip, call 210-224-STOP.