The family of two children who were tragically killed in an SUV crash over the weekend are preparing to host a benefit.

Seven-year-old Rebecca Morales and her 10-year-old brother, Roman, died on Sunday. Their younger sister remains hospitalized.

Family members say funeral costs alone will be about $10,000 and they don't have anywhere near that amount of money.

For the past three days, Sylvia Torres and her sister have been planning a benefit for their niece and nephew.

Two barbecue pits and dozens of pounds of chicken and sausage were hauled in.

Torres hopes selling lunch plates will raise enough money to give the siblings a proper burial after dying so suddenly.

"It's not just for the children who passed away. Of course it's to help them, but any financial needs that they may have getting through the hospital and burial services and all that," said Torres.

Rebecca and Roman were the only two killed in the single-vehicle rollover accident.

Family members said it's been a heartbreaking time because the children's father, Rigaberto Morales, was behind the wheel and allegedly drunk.

He remains in the hospital along with the young daughter and the children's aunt.

"I don't want no one to see him as a monster, that he would ever do anything to hurt his kids; you know people make mistakes. He obviously made a mistake that cost his kids' lives, but he really did love his children," said Torres.

Children who lived such a short life, but managed to touch so many lives. Torres just wants to give them the proper burial they deserve.

"We're all family, we're all close by, so it's really important for us to help them out, to get through this tragedy," said Torres.

The benefit will be Saturday, 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. or until the food runs out. They'll be selling the food plates at 5414 Stonybrook Road on the Southwest Side.

For more information on how you can also donate to the family to help with their expenses, just call Frank Madla Elementary, the school the children attended, at 210-645-3800. The principal has set up a collection in the name of the Morales children.