The family of Matt Jackson, 29, say they are getting no answers when asking the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office about the circumstances surrounding Jackson’s shooting death early Saturday morning.

He was shot and killed by Deputy Anthony Thomas, who was off-duty at the time.

The two were involved in a confrontation alongside Loop 1604 near Nacogdoches Road early Saturday morning, according to sheriff’s office officials.

But that is all investigators are saying.

They say that the shooting is under investigation and that the results of the investigation will be passed along to the District Attorney’s office.

Thomas has been placed on administrative leave.

Jackson’s brother Patrick said they have asked for information concerning the shooting but have been told nothing.

Patrick Jackson said he was told that morning that his brother had been involved in some kind of incident and drove there to investigate.

“When I drove by, I saw a tarp sitting inside the car with his feet hanging out the car door,” Jackson said. “I have so many questions about the time-frame, how things lined up and just the fact that right now we can’t get any answers -- it’s extremely frustrating.”

He said his brother is a smart man and would never get into a confrontation with a uniformed law enforcement officer.

“None of this makes any sense,” he said.

Though he said they are not comfortable with it, the family has no choice at this point except to let the system take its course.

But he said they will continue to search for answers.

“We haven’t really had time to grieve, “ Jackson said. “We’ve just got to keep going.”

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