The family of a 23-year old man who was killed during a motorcycle accident last month is asking for justice.

On Dec. 11, 23-year-old Brandon Batres was riding on the southbound lanes of Highway 281 near Evans Road when he fell off his motorcycle and was hit by three vehicles.

"Apparently, somebody bumped his bike from the back," said Gennesis Batres, Brandon Batres's younger sister. "He fell off and apparently went to the right."

Batres said the first two drivers who ran over her brother did not stop to help and just fled the scene. She is hoping that someone who saw something that night will come forward and lead police to the drivers responsible for his death.

"We want the people responsible for this to be caught," Batres said. "We just want justice because what happened to my brother was horrible. It shouldn't have happened."

Batres said losing her oldest brother has been extremely difficult for her and her entire family.

"He was doing so much," said Batres. "He was helping orphans. He worked at an after school program. He was an amazing brother. He was everything."

If you have any information about the accident or if you think you may have seen one of these drivers, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 224-STOP.