New details emerged Wednesday about the stormy relationship between a young teen mother and the father of her baby that ultimately led to the mom being stabbed to death at a South Side bus stop Tuesday.

Family members say 17-year-old Megan Hernandez and 17-year-old Eduardo Reyes had been living together with her parents until the couple broke up about a month ago.

Reyes is accused of stabbing Hernandez multiple times on Tuesday afternoon as she held their 11-month-old daughter at the bus stop.

It was a violent end to a tumultuous relationship.

Virginia Villarreal said she knew her daughter Megan was having trouble with her ex-boyfriend but she never thought it would result in her death.

"My daughter called when I was at work and said that her boyfriend had stabbed her seven times in her chest," Villarreal said. "I didn't think he would do this to her."

Villarreal rushed to the Medical Center, but it was too late.

"When I got there, she didn't make it through surgery -- she was gone," Villarreal said.

Family members said it was Reyes who showed up at the bus stop outside Hernandez's school Tuesday afternoon. He had their baby daughter and when he handed the 11-month-old over to Megan, he began attacking her.

The family said Reyes lived in their home with their daughter until about a month ago. They said there were signs he was hurting Megan.

"My girls would tell me that he was hitting her and that he would choke her and he lived here with us," Villarreal said. "We still let him in just so her and the baby could be together."

Despite the violence, the family said Megan kept going back to Reyes until she finally broke up with him a month ago and started seeing someone else.

Reyes refused to accept the relationship was over.

"He would go everywhere she was," Villarreal said.  "He would go here, to my sister-in-laws, her school. He would stalk her and call her. He kept calling and calling and calling."

Villarreal said on Monday that Reyes came by the house one last time. He threatened to kill both Megan and her new boyfriend and then started cutting his hands with a knife before Megan's father forced him to leave. She said they didn't call police.

On Wednesday afternoon, a judge gave temporary custody of the couple's daughter to one of Megan's aunts. The girl will turn 1 on Dec. 27.

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Published On: Dec 04 2013 03:28:21 PM CST

Megan Hernandez, 17, was stabbed to death by her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend on Tuesday.

Megan Hernandez
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