A Von Ormy family who lost their home in May after a storm is receiving the gift of shelter.

"I've never had a doorbell before and I love my doorbell," said Jackie Goede.

A tornado ripped Goede’s home apart then flooding submerged it. Goede, with no insurance, was left homeless.

Goede once volunteered for the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. Now she and her family are getting used to a gift she never dreamed possible -- and benefiting from theirs and others generosity.

Someone at St. Vincent De Paul contacted Haven for Hope where contractor Josh Gerstner’s brother once stayed -- and now works.

Now, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, partnering with the Greehey Foundation, the Haven for Hope, and Gerstner are giving Goede and her family a place to call home.

"We try and help each other," Goede said. "That's what they are doing for me. Words can’t even say how much we appreciate it."

"My debt to Haven -- for my brother -- brought me here," said Gerstner. "And NuStar picked it up and ran with it, and we got to build it."

NuStar, an energy company, and it’s founder Bill Greehey, donated to the cause and made sure this home happened. It's left a family beyond thankful.

"I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts," Goede said. "I'd like to let them know that I won't forget anything they've done, if I can give back in any possible way."

Goede said her prayers were answered the night of the storm when her family survived, and now have been exceeded with this gift.

Goede, her husband and two children will officially move in Tuesday.

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