Blake McClellan describes the photo as a “moment in time when everything was still OK.”

The black and white image shows President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy riding in a limo down Broadway on Nov. 21, 1963 - the last full day of JFK’s life.

“I have it in the hallway,” said Blake. “I walk by it and sometimes I just can’t stop. I can’t help myself from stopping and hesitating and breathing in that moment in history.”

In the background of the photo, you see a man in a white shirt standing on top of a truck and waving. That man is Blake’s grandfather and Fred McClellan's father - Stanley "Mac" McClellan.

“You know, he was kind of a guy who stuck to himself. Didn’t talk a lot,” said Fred. “But when he got the call from the man who took the picture he was like a little kid himself. All excited."

The image shows students from Cambridge Elementary School sitting on the curb as their waving hands are also captured on film.

The stretch of road where the photo was taken is now Ogden Lane. While much has changed in that area, the school still stands with the same three trees along a fence line.

Although it has been in their family for decades, it is still hard even now for the McClellans to see the photo and grasp what was to come.

“It changed the whole country,” Fred said. “(It) makes you wonder if the assassination wouldn't have happened what the history would be like today.”

"It just seemed like it was a moment in time when America lost its innocence and its spirit,” Blake said.

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