HELOTES, Texas -

For the past several years, the Cook family has taken land in Helotes and opened up a driving range, created a park for families and on weekends, parts of the land are used as a market place.

They asked city council on Thursday for a new permit.

"To have our hours of operation expanded to allow us to be open not only on Saturdays and Sundays, but also on Friday or Monday to capitalize on a three-day weekend," said Brian Cook one of the property owners.

But that simple request wasn't popular with some residents partially because the new permit would label it a "flea market."

Patrick Ernst is retired law enforcement and lives in Helotes. He went in front of Helotes City Council and shared his concerns.

"There's good people, but there's some bad actors that come in there and it's known to be a place where stolen property shows up, so I don't want that around my particular neighborhood," said Patrick Ernst, a Helotes resident.

The Cooks have owned the property since 2005. They said they've been keeping their almost 28 acres clean and family friendly through the years.

Helotes resident Susan Libby supports the flea market and said, "I don't really think it's a flea market. I think it's a misnomer, it's really another market place."

Libby believes the Cooks just want to extend the Helotes market days.

"It gives us a chance to shop locally but it doesn't disrupt the environment. We still have a beautiful park like environment that we can all still take advantage of," said Libby.

"If low income homes are put on this property, that's going to increase crime, that's going to increase water runoff, that's going to pose more of a problem for the residents around us than our market will," said Brian Cook.

Helotes city council members should decide on whether the Cooks' permit will be approved on Dec. 12.

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