Of the dozens of people who were forced out of their mobile home park off Plumnear Road in Southwest San Antonio due to flooding over Memorial Day weekend, 23 were still staying at a Red Cross shelter Monday night.

The city of San Antonio condemned the land their mobile homes were on after the recent floods, and told all residents to be out by Friday.

The shelter at Edgewood Independent School District's employee fitness center is just a temporary fix.

City officials hoped to find everyone a temporary place to stay for the next month and a half -- then find a more permanent solution.

District 2 Councilman Rey Saldana said the goal was to find families a permanent home for a comparable price to what they paid for their mobile homes.

Saldana also said four families have asked to have their mobile home -- which they owned -- moved off the property, which they rented.

The city was paying to have that option assessed, including where the homes could be moved, so they would be out of the flood plain.

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