Eagle Pass -

Heavy overnight rainfall sent creeks, ponds and the Rio Grande River surging through the streets of Eagle Pass Saturday.

As much as 10 inches of rain pounded the Eagle Pass area overnight causing neighborhoods to flood and driving residents to shelters.

Rescue crews from Eagle Pass, Maverick Co. and the DPS went through flooded areas in boats rescuing people from floodwaters.

In one neighborhood a man with a kayak helped as many as 20 of his neighbors to safety.

A general evacuation notice went out at 1:15 a.m. Saturday as heavy rains fell and the floodwaters rose.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey English Cantu said a shelter opened for evacuees had as many as 300 people there overnight.

The mayor said the Rio Grande River crested at 17.5 feet at 4 a.m. Saturday.

By midday Saturday much of the flooding had gone down and people returned to see the damage the water had done.

Mayor Cantu said 15 inches of rain had fallen in Eagle Pass and Maverick Co. in a 24 hour stretch.

He said many longtime city workers could not recall that much rain ever falling in so short a time.