As expected, cold wind and rain turned into freezing rain and sleet, blanketing the Hill Country Thursday night into Friday morning.

Texas Department of Public Safety crews were out in force, with several sanding and de-icing trucks ready to fight the ice on bridges and overpasses.

They covered at least seven of them in the overnight hours just west of Kerrville and East of Junction.

Ricardo Trujillo was driving from Colorado in his ice-covered SUV through the night.

“(The de-icing crews) were doing a good job," Trujillo said. "It's just icy (out there.)”

When dawn broke Friday morning, you could see the results of the freezing rain: thin sheets of ice on windshields and curbs, and ice even forming on trees.

By then, the Hill Country had been hit with another round of freezing rain. So DPS crews were on the beat again.

Even with the sand, there were still several wrecks along the way.

“A lot of people not used to driving (in these conditions) are passing other cars and trucks,” said Lamarr Austin, who was driving from El Paso.

Since he is from Chicago, he said he is used to these conditions.

But it still got his attention.

“I am used to it, but still it got a little scary at time,” said Austin.