It may be as long as a month before a baby boy found dead inside a duffel bag at a local recycling center could be buried.

According to Pamela Allen, the woman responsible for spearheading a movement to give the child a proper burial, the District Attorney’s Office is waiting to see if the biological father will come forward.

"If the father does come forward, we want him to know that he will in no way be expected to pay any of the burial costs. They are already payed for, we would just say 'Here you go you tell us what you want,'” said Allen.

The baby's mother, Nidia Alvarado, 25, who is also the person authorities say is responsible for the child's death, signed over her responsibility of the child, but it wasn’t enough.

Alvarado is currently facing capital murder charges.

"Some of the reasons that they cited is that the document that I drew up said that the document was explained to her in her native language and it didn't specifically say Spanish. The other reason is that they are hoping to find the biological father (is) to make sure he also has a release on the baby,” Allen said.

Allen and countless others around the city grouped together to donate and raise $4,000.

“We've already gone out and picked out caskets, flowers, plot. We have the whole program, we have everything ready. This was a major setback,” said Allen.

Allen says it could be a month before she hears what the DA will decide to do.