There's a new face at City Hall.

Mike Gallagher was unanimously selected to replace former Councilman Carlton Soules as the representative for District 10.

Soules is stepping down to run for county judge.

Gallagher is a retired Air Force colonel. He's worked at the Pentagon and in the White House during the Reagan administration.

Gallagher had the unanimous backing of the 85-member Northeast Neighborhood Alliance.

He was also Soules' pick to take over the seat.

"I'll start, of course, with Councilman Soules and all the work he's done on our behalf in the district and for him saying to me, 'OK, Gallagher, now step up. It's your turn to fill in this slot,' so I really appreciate what he's done on behalf of the district," Gallagher said.

Gallagher will hold the seat until the special election in May.

He's publicly stated that he plans to run in the election.