Gas prices, nationwide, continue to rise as turmoil in the Middle East results in higher crude prices.

"It’s ridiculous, that's why I'm only getting $5 worth," said Vincent Byrd, while filling up along I-35 in San Antonio.

"We are seeing that the gas prices are on the rise right now and that does come at an unfortunate time, as a lot of folks are continuing their summer vacations,” said Doug Shupe, with AAA Texas.

Unrest in Egypt, a relatively small exporter of crude oil, and Syria is causing uncertainty in the energy markets, and forcing pump prices higher. While Texas has yet to take a big hit, much of the country has seen prices spike.

"Nationwide, drivers are now paying on average $3.63 for a gallon of regular unleaded and here in Texas we are now paying $3.49,” said Shupe. “So we are faring much better than drivers nationwide."

In San Antonio, prices have jumped, on average, around $.14 in the last week.

"This place here, I think it went up $.10 in the last week,” said Byrd.

Prices are expected to rise in the short term, but long term projections remain uncertain.

"Where we go from here? It’s just too big of a question,” added Shupe.

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