A 14-year-old girl told Converse police she was attacked and cut by a man who is obsessed with her.

Converse police A 25 year old man was arrested after Converse police say he cut a girl with a knife.

Officers got the call about the attack last month from officers at school.

They say when they got there, the victim told them she had been attacked by a stranger who had given her a ride.

She told police the man made sexual advances toward her, then cut her across the chest when she tried to fight him off.

Police say the girl took them back to the area where it happened and she spotted the car with the hatchet man bumper sticker.

They linked the car to Julian Gomez.

Police say the alleged victim admitted to having a sexual relationship with him in the past, stating they had stayed in touch through social media sites.

She told police she believes Gomez is obsessed with her.

He has been charged with aggravated assault.