Aaminah Zeinelabdin turned 8-years-old on Monday and spent the day by donating her birthday presents to a local shelter.

"I want other people to feel happy on my birthday, not just me,” said Zeinelabdin.

That selfless thought is the reason Zeinelabdin, along with her parents, delivered more than 25 pairs of shoes to the Children’s Shelter on Monday.  The shoes were all presents from her birthday party.

"I told everyone to bring some shoes,” she said.

As a birthday gift, she wanted her friends to bring children’s shoes, so that she could donate all of them to kids who truly needed them.

"I already have all the stuff I needed,” said Zeinelabdin. “So I just decided to give someone else something they needed."

It was an idea that Zeinelabdin came up with weeks ago.

"My first thought was it would blow over very fast, especially when she figures she’s not going to get anything,” said her father, Mohamed Zeinelabdin. “Everything she gets was going to go out, but she stuck to it and she was excited about it."

All of the shoes donated are expected to go a long way to helping those at the Children’s Shelter.

"Maybe they're able to say, 'I have a pair of shoes and they're mine. 'So actually having donations like this goes very far,” said Anais Miracle, with the Children’s Shelter.

The Children’s Shelter serves more than 3,500 kids and families.  They also act as an emergency shelter for children in dangerous situations.  Many of those children enter the facility with little more than the clothes on their back.

Zeinelabdin’s donation will likely make someone’s day at the Children’s Shelter very special, meaning her birthday wish was fulfilled.

"I’m very proud of her,” remarked her father. "Very proud."

Images: Girl shares birthday with those less fortunate

Published On: Jan 20 2014 05:18:53 PM CST

An 8-yearr-old San Antonio girl spent her birthday donating her presents to a local shelter.

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