It began as an invitation to just “hang out” with some other teenagers at a northeast side home.

But the meeting last Sunday evening turned into a nightmare for Jessica Garcia.

“That just came out of nowhere,” Garcia, 13, said as she described a brutal attack by the 14-year-old girl who had invited Garcia to her home.

Garcia said she and the girl, another girl and two teenage boys were visiting in a room at the home. She said that the girl who had invited her left the room promising to return in a few minutes.

“She comes back hitting me a lot – like a lot, a lot,” Garcia said. “And I blacked out.”

She said moments later she regained consciousness.

“I woke up and my face really hurt,” she said. “I felt my face and I was bleeding everywhere.”

She called her mother who rushed her to the hospital. She had a broken nose and other facial injuries.

On the recording - later published on Instagram - the voices of the two young men could be heard shouting profanity-laced encouragement as the attack went on for several minutes.

The incident has been reported to police and they are investigating, according to the teen’s family. The family has filed aggravated assault charges against the teen who attacked Garcia.

Though she plans to return to classes on Monday at Harris Middle School where both girls are students, Garcia said she is worried and afraid.

“She knows some people at school and I’m afraid because they might bully me,” Garcia said.

She said she has come forward to discuss the attack in hopes of warning other teens.

“Make sure you hang out with the right people," she said. “Make sure you know them well enough.”