Michael Volkmann is devastated. 

His $4,500 go-kart was stolen from the back of his pickup truck, which was parked in the driveway of his New Braunfels home.

“It was last Saturday night overnight. I woke up Sunday morning to go to church with my wife and daughter and the kart was gone," said Volkmann.

He posted signs all around his neighborhood, hoping someone will help him find it. 

At this point, he said, he doesn't care who did it, he just wants it back.

Volkmann is convinced his kart was stolen by a band of thieves that New Braunfels police said are going around neighborhoods and targeting any unlocked cars, homes or, in Volkmann's case, a kart that was secured to his truck.

Surveillance video from a neighbor showed a man walking up to cars and checking to see if they’re open. When he discovered they were locked, he would walk away.

Volkmann believes if his kart isn't recovered, it's likely been stripped and its parts sold on the internet. 

"It had a digital gauge package on it called a 'Micron' and I wouldn't doubt it if it ended up on Craigslist or something," he said. "(It has) magnesium wheels. There's lots of things on a kart that you can get rid of pretty easily," said Volkmann.

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