Tuesday night, the VIA Metropolitan Transit board swore in new officers. 

One of the members being replaced was VIA Chairman Henry Munoz, who is stepping down after serving on the board for the past five years. 

This comes a year before his term expires in December 2014. 

But protests before the meeting tried to send a message to new members about the VIA streetcar issue.

More than a dozen protesters were on hand to voice their concern over the VIA streetcar project. 

Protester Dick Slife said even though the board has voted in favor of the project, he's going to fight to change that by circulating a petition.

“20,000 signatures are required to put this on the November ballot, and then in November, the citizens can actually vote (if) they want streetcars to continue," said Slife.

Protesters said they're hoping new board members will take them seriously.

"We're hoping they'll listen more carefully to the citizens than the people that they're replacing ," said Slife.

Protestors say the petition will be available at early voting locations and online.

VIA officials said the cost of the streetcar project and all the multimodal facilities on the city's north, south and west sides -- along with the one at the Alamodome -- will be $267 million. 

Construction is expected to get underway in late spring of 2015.

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