Sure, a Spurs-emblazoned t-shirt or jersey with a "21" on it, is one way to show your game day spirit.

But attorney and spurs fan Rosie Gonzalez is making a pure San Antonio fashion statement by wearing a Spurs guayabera.

"My plan is to wear it game day," she said. "I work at the courthouse, so I don't think judges appreciate it if you show up  in a guayabera instead of a business suit."

The shirt was custom made for her by  Lety Garza, one of the seamstresses with Fuerza Unida's sewing co-op which operates out of a modest shop at 710 New Laredo Hwy.

Fuerza Unida is a women's empowerment and advocacy group that began when the Levi Strauss factory shut down in 1990, leaving more than 1100 people suddenly out of work.

"Many of them had worked 20 (or) 30 years for Levi's, and all of a sudden, from one day to the next, you have no job," said Patricia Castillo, executive director with the PEACE Initiative.

"They've been very, very active and very ingenious in terms of figuring out ways to earn money to serve the community," Castillo said.

Sewing is what many of them know how to do and do well. They make everything from pajamas to business suits to wedding dresses, upon order.

So, when Gonzalez walked in with an idea for a Spurs guayabera, they started digging through the piles of fabric.

"I saw something jump out at me, shimmery," Gonzalez said. "When we pulled this out, I thought it as a sheet of material, but it was a curtain."

Within days, the curtain was transformed into a custom-fit, one -of-a-kind fashion statement. The price tag: $100.

The guayabera is not being mass-produced, so you can't buy it off the rack.  However, Fuerza Unida is taking orders while the team sews the series up.

Fuerza Unida can be contacted at 210-927-2294.

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