Even though Halloween only lasts for one day, there is a restaurant on the south side of San Antonio that keeps the spirit alive year-round.

“I wanted something different," said Juan Trevino, owner of Monster Burgers. "I like the 'wow' factor."

That wow factor hits you when you walk in the door.

The ambiance is slightly haunting, but the burgers are heavy on flavor and size.

There is La Llorona ("The Weeping Woman), the Chupacabra and El Cucuy ("The Boogeyman.")

“It’s excellent," said Marie Sanchez, a repeat customer. "It's wonderful. It's creative. Nobody else has it."

The menu continues with the Big Foot, the Swamp Thing, and Trevino’s newest creation, the Freddie Krueger -- half-pizza and half-burger.

“Every burger that we have is different,” Trevino said.

The place is even has its own coffin.

“We are going to create a food truck so this is going to be my grill,” Trevino said.

The restaurant is located at 1922 Pleasanton Drive.

“We want to make sure you have an experience when you walk in -- not a boring experience, just sitting there waiting on your burger -- we want to make sure your looking around (and say,) ‘Wow,'" Trevino said.

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