Harlandale ISD trustee arrested on DWI charge

Anthony Alcoser told police he had few drinks with dinner earlier in day

Published On: May 01 2013 05:20:48 PM CDT
Anthony Alcoser

A 31-year-old man Harlandale Independent School District trustee was arrested last Wednesday after police say he was driving while intoxicated from a recent Fiesta event.

A San Antonio police officer was patrolling near the 600 block of W. Commerce Street and approached a red light a N. San Saba.

Anthony Alcoser, 31, was driving in front of the officer. When the light turned green, police said Alcoser did not move at first, and then continued westbound on W. Commerce Street.

As he cleared the intersection, police said Alcoser changed lanes to the left without signaling, prompting the officer to pull him over.

The officer could smell a heavy odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. In addition to another person being inside the car, Alcoser told police he was coming from the Museum, saying he was parked there for and was at one of the stages from Fiesta.

When the officer asked Alcoser if he had been drinking, Alcoser said he does not drink. He told police his eyes were bloodshot because he was "just really tired and has been working all day."

While performing a series of tests for the officer, police said Alcoser was swaying when he raised his arms for balance and touched his foot down several times. He also did not count his steps out loud.

The officer asked Alcoser again if he had been drinking. Alcoser said he does not drink, but then said that he "had a few drinks with dinner, but that was way earlier."

Alcoser was placed under arrested for driving while intoxicated. Alcoser's passenger, who also appeared to be intoxicated according to police, had a friend who was working with them come pick him up.

Harlandale ISD officials said Alcoser's status is "undetermined" in the wake of his arrest.