Jonathon Sanchez was 16 when he allegedly joined three other teens in a carjacking and murder.

The murder occurred in August 2007 and was considered a cold case until the summer of 2010, when a witness identified Sanchez as a suspect.

“Mr. Sanchez did not become a suspect in this case until he had turned 18,” prosecutor Kristina Felder told Judge Carmen Kelsey during a hearing to transfer Sanchez’s case from the Juvenile Justice System.

Kelsey said she was concerned about that in spite of the fact that Sanchez has agreed to have his case transferred to the adult system.

“Whether we go through this process or not, Mr. Sanchez may later decide that there was no evidence to support a transfer,” Kelsey said.

She re-set the hearing for Aug. 16 while she reviews the matter.

On Aug. 21, 2007 Sanchez and three other teens allegedly carjacked an SUV driven by Vicente Huerta, 22, and forced him to drive to a vacant lot where he was shot and killed.

The case went unsolved until a witness came forward and identified Sanchez and three other teens as suspects.

One of them -- Aaron Alaniz -- was identified as the person who fired the fatal shot. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in December 2012.

A third suspect, Augustine Alaniz, is scheduled to be tried on Aug. 16.

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