It was another scorcher out there Tuesday. Here in San Antonio, the thermometer officially topped out at a record breaking 105 degrees.

It was the tenth day in a row the mercury hit the century mark or higher in the Alamo city.

The summer heat wave has been hard on year round residents and tourists alike.

Skylar Guinn and her family were taking a break from the searing afternoon sun in Alamo plaza, beating the heat with some snow cones on a shady bench.

The triple digit heat was a big change from what they're used to dealing with in Chicago.

"Yeah it's a lot different, it's so much hotter." Skylar Guinn said. "It's really, really hot."

Skylar's grandmother, Cathy Guinn, agreed it was much hotter than she expected but it was a welcome change from the cool, wet summer they've had up North.

"I like the heat so I don't mind it," Cathy Guinn said. "We're in the pool every single day, so it's wonderful. We've really been enjoying ourselves here."

Shady spots were popular places in the heat of the day as tourists tried to avoid the South Texas sun as they took in the sites downtown.

Julie Koehler and her family were visiting from Wisconsin. In addition to keeping themselves cool, they also had to keep plenty of water on hand for their 2 dogs.

"Well this one is a Chihuahua, so she's doing pretty good with it," Koehler said as she gave her dog a drink of water. "She doesn't seem to mind it, she seems to like it down here a lot. We're not used to this."

Ashley Alcorta helps keep the tourists cool with the icy treats she sells at a snow cone stand in Alamo Plaza. She said she ends up eating much of her own merchandise on extremely hot days as she tries to stay cool during throughout her 10 hour day in the heat.

"I come out about 10 in the morning and I'm here 'til about 7 or 8 in the evening," Alcorta said, confessing it takes a toll on her. "Every once in a while, not every day, but it does get me sometimes where I go home and I'm exhausted."

Even so, she's probably not as tired as the numerous valet parking attendants downtown who put in ten hours parking cars and running the streets.

"Our average is about 3 blocks per car, and they got to run to go get the car and run when they come back so it's a nice little workout," said John Guzman, a shift supervisor for Hospitality Parking. "Water and Gatorade is what we live on."

Guzman said he makes sure his guys stay hydrated throughout the day and prays for sympathetic customers who offer more than tips on a hot summer day.

"We've actually had guests bring us Sonic slushes, water, I mean they're real nice especially our regular guests," Guzman said. "They know it's hot, so they leave the car on with the A.C. on for you, that helps."

San Antonio remains under a heat advisory until Thursday night and temperatures are expected to top the century mark through Friday.

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