The area around Canyon Lake was inundated with rain Wednesday night.

"We were coming in from San Antonio (on) North 281 and it was just coming down in sheets of rain. We had to go like 25 mph on the roads," said Jeanette Queen, of Canyon Lake.

For an area that is no stranger to major flooding, it made some residents a little nervous.

"It thundered and (there was) lightning," said Startzville resident Julie Chastain. "I take care of my mother, so I went in there and sat with her a while."

The rain was so heavy at times that at least one person said it was the worst she had ever seen.

"It was just the most rain I've ever come to see down from the sky," Queen said. "The lightning was bright and going off all over the place."

That frequent lightning was also cause for concern.

"The lightning was what was scaring me. I thought we were going knock out the power and everything, but it never did," said Chastain.

About 6 to 12 inches of rain fell over the area around the lake.

As of Thursday afternoon, the level of Canyon Lake was up 3.6 feet.

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