A holiday shopping spree courtesy of  HEB will help bring Christmas cheer to some children who are going through a rough time.

On Monday, representatives from four area children's organizations met at the HEB at 8219 Marbach Road for a shopping spree to gather toys for children.

"Each organization sent four kids to do the shopping spree and then they take all the toys back to the organization and give them to them as Christmas presents (and) save some of them as birthday presents. They basically get them for the whole year," said Katherine Crabtree, HEB spokesperson.

The young representatives had two minutes to fill their shopping carts with as many toys as possible.

The toys will be given to children at the Battered Women and Children's Shelter, Martinez Street Women's Center, Mission Road Ministries and the Good Samaritan Center.

While the children who did the shopping don't get to keep the toys for themselves, they said they didn't mind.

"It was fun getting all the gifts but it's helping all the kids that makes me really happy. It doesn't matter about how much money it was, it's just helping that gives me a good feeling," said Patrick Yanez, a 14-year-old volunteer.

None of the toys were off limits and a total of 16 shopping carts were filled.

Crabtree said the donation totaled more than $14,000.

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