Highlands High School biology teacher Rosalind Witcher is getting her classroom ready for the first day of school.

But this year is a little different: because Highlands High is under construction, and teachers like Witcher will be in a portable building, instead of a regular classroom.

"Just motivate the kids and make sure they're excited about the transition and ease their mind that the transition to the news school will be great,” said biology teacher Rosalind Witcher.

22 SAISD campuses are receiving extensive renovations under the $515 million bond voters approved in 2010.

Highlands High is the district's largest renovation project at $65.7 million. The principal Lorna Klokkenga said the improvements on the school are much needed.

"So there was an old boiler system that has to be heated with water, some of the air conditioners would break down so some of the schools we've closed previously they'd have to get parts from those schools to keep our air conditioners running , so there was just a lot of infrastructure needs," said Klokkenga.

Over the summer, 55 portable buildings were brought in to accommodate students at the campus.

Teachers and staff are working hard to make sure all the classrooms are ready for the first day of school students will also get maps just like this to make sure they know exactly where they're going.

"So if you're in 10th grade most your classes are inside, you're in the new science building, and we have a 9th grade pod of portables , 11th grade pod of portables , and 12th grade pod of portables, with the major electives being inside the buildings," said Klokkenga.

The principal and teachers are confident students will get the same level of education while the new school is being built.

The school is scheduled to be completed in 2015.  

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