Temperatures in the Hill Country continue to drop as officials monitor the situation.

With every hour that passes the temperature takes a dip. Low temperatures, strong winds, and an on and off drizzle kept people off the streets.

Kerrville Mayor Jack Pratt says his office is monitoring the situation and working closely with local law enforcement and TxDOT.

"We activated our equipment. We got our crews on standby. We're prepared to sand the bridges," said Pratt.

Roads and highways are their biggest concern. Pratt is asking those who can avoid the cold, dark, and wet roads to do so.

"Stay indoors unless it's necessary. If you need to get out for emergency reasons then by all means set your priority but if there's no necessity, stay home," said Pratt.

The mayor said his office will try to put out reports early Friday morning so that the people of Kerrville can analyze the situation before getting on the road.