The hill country not only had cold temperatures, but a wind chill factor that was no joke. Temperatures may have been in the 20s, but gusty winds made the chilly weather feel so much worse.

Cold, dry, windy air was a shock to Houstonian and 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winner Randy Salmon.

Salmon was captain of the U.S. men's volleyball team that took home the gold. He's in Kerrville for a youth volleyball camp and he just couldn't believe the temperature difference compared to Houston.

"Well, it's about 20 degrees so far and it was 55 when I left, so maybe 30 degrees (difference)," said Salmon.

Farther north, Harper never thawed out. Icicles hung from car ports and ice covered pretty much anything exposed to the elements.

Back in Kerrville, cold weather may have kept most indoors, but the mayor believes the annual Holiday Parade Saturday night will bring them out.

"We have about 110 entrants in the parade, and it's going to be fun for the kids, fun for the adults, and it's just a joyful way to set off the holiday season," said Mayor Pratt.

Pratt said The last time it felt this cold in the city was back in 2008.  He said it dipped down to 8 degrees.

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