The Hot Wells Hotel's iconic attraction is about to be shut off. 

The well that flowed with warm sulfur water -- that many thought had healing powers -- will be plugged by the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

“It’s deteriorated,” said Ron Vaughn, with the EAA.

That deterioration has caused the well to leak some 30 gallons a minute -- a waste of water.

Developer James Lifshutz was able to resolve the problem.

The EAA now has a lean on the property and a judgment agreement with the owner so they can get the well plugged.

“State rules -- (and) our rules -- don’t allow for the deteriorating well. It's wasting water. It either need be repaired or permanently plugged,” said Vaughn.

He said the EAA is going the permanent rout.

The resorts actually started in the late 1800s but grew in popularity in the early 1900s. 

Former President Theodore Roosevelt and actor Rudolph Valentino visited there during its heyday. Movies were shot at the site.

After a couple of fires and time, a shell of the once popular healing place is all that is left standing -- but that may change.

Lifshutz has approached Bexar County officials with an offer to donate three acres where the hotel sits so the county can turn it into a park.

“It’s a great piece of history," said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

The county is studying the offer. The landmark sits right across the river from the new Mission Park, part of the river extension.

“Our goal is to re-landscape it, stabilize the ruins (and) get an interpretive center working with the foundation to restore the one building that is still that. " Wolff said.

If the commissioners agree to accept the offer, they will budget $2.7 million for the renovations.

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