Two times are too many, as far as Mike and Monisha Smith are concerned, when it comes to cars crashing into the backyard of their Northeast Bexar County home.

The couple lives in a gated subdivision off Woodlake Parkway near Lake View Drive.

Thursday afternoon, a driver lost control on a curvy section of Woodlake Parkway and plowed through their wooden fence, destroying it and a play house the Smiths had recently purchased for their three year old daughter.

"We're out here every day playing on the swing set so we could've easily been out here at the time he came crashing through our fence,” said Mike Smith, reflecting on the family’s close call.

His wife, Monisha, said luckily, they all had gone inside for a nap.

The sound of the crash jarred them awake and sent them scrambling, she said.

“It was so loud that we assumed that they were hitting the house. So our natural reaction was to jump up and run,” she said.

They made it through without a scratch, but it left their yard splintered with wood, and a giant hole where their fence had been.

Mike Smith said this is the second time within a year that he has been left to clean up a mess like this.

He said he also has had to make the repairs with his own money because the drivers that damaged his property were uninsured.

Neighbors have been affected, too, they said.

The Smiths claim there have been about six crashes like this on their street.

"Usually at nighttime when (crashes happen), it's drunk drivers. During the day time, it's young kids racing or speeding through,” Mike Smith said.

"It's a real curvy road so they're losing control of their car or biting the curb and jumping it," he said.

Smith and his wife blame the widening of Woodlake Parkway for giving some drivers too much room to roam.

On Friday morning, a Bexar County sheriff’s deputy was busy writing tickets for speeding violations on Woodlake Parkway.

The Smiths, however, said they’re looking for more permanent help.

They said they’ve been trying to convince Bexar County’s Public Works Department to install a guardrail along their fence line, or speed bumps in the streets.

So far, though, they feel as though nothing much has been done.

Renee Green, the director of Public Works for Bexar County, said she was aware of only two prior crashes at the location.

In both cases, though, they were due to driver error, she said.

Green said in response to at least one, the county installed a double arrow sign, warning drivers on Lake View Drive that the road was coming to an end and they need to make a turn onto Woodlake Parkway.

However, she said guard rails are not an option at that location.

They’re only used on certain types of roads, such as those with a steep slope or drop off, she said.