Many had never met Rebecca and Roman Morales, but Saturday they came with open hearts and open wallets to help the family pay for funeral costs.

The family sold barbecue plates in an effort to raise the money to bury the children killed when the SUV they rode in rolled over on Loop 410 Sunday evening.

“We’ve had maybe a couple of hundred people coming through. We had enough for like 700 plates and we’ve been adding on to those 700 hundred for a couple of hours,” said the children’s aunt Sylvia Torres.

The fundraising project started busy and stayed that way for hours.

“It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing that we’ve (had) so much support (from) family and friends, friends of friends and the whole community,” said Torres.

The children’s father, Rigaberto Morales, was behind the wheel when the families SUV crashed. He was allegedly drunk.

“My brother is a great man. This is a picture of my brother. This is not the face of a killer or a murderer he’s a loving man that (would) do anything for his family and just (had) one mistake. Yes he is paying for it everybody’s paying for it but this is my brother and I’m going to stand behind him all the way,” said Morales’ brother Luis Ramirez. 

The family says they raised several thousand dollars to help pay for the funerals of 7-year-old Rebecca and 10-year-old Roman.

Torres said the family also has hospital bills, including bills for the children's father.