Ice that formed overnight on many highway overpasses left drivers stalled in San Antonio, particularly in the downtown area during the Friday morning commute.

Among the closures were ramps leading from Interstate 35 to Interstate 10.

Some drivers said they had to put it in park as early as 2 a.m. when elevated roads and bridges became frozen slick.

"I'm very frustrated,” said Dallas Howard, a trucker who had been traveling from Houston to Lubbock. “I've been up all night, waiting for them to open the roads. I haven't slept all night."

Howard said he spent three hours sitting on the bridge from I-35 to I-10 near downtown.

Finally, he made his way off the road and waited in a restaurant parking lot for traffic to begin moving again.

He said he wasn’t sure how long his normally 10-hour drive would take.

“I've been listening to the CB radio here trying to find out when they're going to open (the road)," Howard said.

Niko Castellanos had a much shorter commute — just across town to work.

Still, it took him hours.

"It's crazy. I left my house around 5:05 in the morning and at 7:12, I’m still stuck in traffic, " Castellanos said.

"I don't know how much longer it's going to take me, but I'm going to be there one day,” he joked.

To pass the time, some drivers placed calls on their cell phones, while others pulled off the road and napped.

Even after the ice was in his rearview mirror, the waiting for Howard would not end.

The big-rig driver said due to the delay, he missed his appointment to drop off his load in Lubbock.

"Now they changed my appointment to Monday so I have to go to Lubbock and sit there for two days until Monday," Howard said.

His plans, he said, have been put on ice thanks to San Antonio’s icy weather.

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