Ikea recalled 23,000 wall-mounted children's lamps after a 16-month-old child pulled the 7-foot-long electrical cord into his crib and was strangled.   

In a separate incident, a 15-month-old child also got tangled in the cord and nearly strangled.

The recalled products were SMILA series lamps sold in eight designs, including a blue star, pink flower, green bug, orange seahorse and others.

Parents should contact Ikea to get a kit that attaches the cord to the wall.

IKEA:  (888) 966-4532   OR

Coby 32-inch flat-screen televisions recalled
Nearly 9,000 Coby 32-inch flat-screen televisions have been recalled because they can overheat and start a fire.

Coby USA is out of business, so eight retailers, including Best Buy, Sears and Toys R Us, are voluntarily recalled the sets.

The recall involves certain serial numbers of model TFTV3229 sold since August 2011. Consumers should contact the store where it was purchased.

Best Buy (800) 566-7498   or

Sears: (888) 852-3571 or

Toys R Us  (800) 869-7787  or

Toro recalls lawnmowers

Toro recalled nearly 35,000 lawnmowers because a blade can break while it's in use.  

The recall involves certain 2013 Toro TimeMasters and 2013 Toro Turfmasters.

Toro dealers sold them for the past year. Owners should contact Toro for a free repair.

Toro  (855) 340-7686  or

Solowave recalls backyard tube slides
After a couple dozen children suffered cuts and scrapes, Solowave is recalling more than 10,000 backyard tube slides.

The recall involves the Tornado brand tube slides with port holes. The holes can break, creating dangerously sharp edges. Toys R Us is among the stores nationwide that sold the slides.

Contact Solowave:  (866) 678-0376 or

PackTite Heating Units for Bed Bug Control recalled

People trying to get rid of bed bugs could have another big problem: fire.   

Thousands of PackTite Heating Units for Bed Bug Control have been recalled because they can melt, overheat or start a fire.

Users are supposed to put infested items in the canvas bag and turn the heater on to kill the bugs.  These were largely sold by pest control companies.

PackTite  (866) 520-7952  or

Aritocrat II Carpet sold at Lowe's doesn't meet flammability standards